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Implants Prevent Damage to Surrounding Teeth

Single or Multiple Teeth Implants in Independence, OH

Implants Act Like Your Natural Teeth

Replacing a single missing tooth can be most authentically accomplished with a single dental implant. The post of the implant mimics the root of your tooth while the dental crown looks and functions just like your natural tooth, requiring no additional maintenance.

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Do You Need Single or Multiple Teeth Implants in Independence, OH?

Even when tooth loss is not visible, teeth should be replaced immediately. One missing tooth can result in difficulty chewing and speaking, and can also cause the surrounding teeth to move to fill the gap. If you have missing teeth, schedule your consultation with Dr. Thomas Bilski to learn how we can restore and maintain the beauty of your smile with teeth implants in Independence, OH. Dental implants can replace single or multiple tooth loss, offering the following advantages:

  • Improve appearance
  • Enhance confidence
  • Restore ability to speak and chew 
  • Protect bone health
  • Maintain the spacing of surrounding teeth


Replacing Individual Teeth with Teeth Implants in Independence, OH

A missing tooth can be replicated with a single dental implant. The crown is the only visible part, and is anchored in place by a titanium post, which has been integrated into the jaw bone. Dental implants provide convenience and permanence.

Restoring Multiple Teeth with Dental Implants

Several missing teeth can also be replaced with individual implants. With this method, a dental implant will be placed at the site of each missing tooth, providing ideal replicas of your lost teeth.

Multiple teeth may also be restored with an implant bridge, which is a prosthetic comprised of three or more crown units, depending upon the number of missing teeth. The middle crown units will span the space of the missing teeth and the two end units are anchored to dental implants securely placed within the jaw bone.

When an entire arch of teeth is missing, implant supported dentures may be used rather than placing individual implants at each site. Implant dentures are typically supported by three or more implant posts strategically placed within the arch and can be either fixed or removable.

Regardless of the number of teeth lost, dental implants are versatile enough to meet the needs of comprehensive tooth replacement. For your dental implants consultation in Independence, OH, contact Dr. Bilski today.

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