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Do I Still Have to Wear a Mask at the Dentist?

Masks at the Dentists?

In Ohio, Governor Mike Dewine announced that after June 2nd, it is no longer required for businesses to enforce masks in most industries. Public transportation and other industries still must enforce masks, but for the most part, it is up to the business owner as to whether or not they want their employees and customers to wear their masks. 

This continues to be a stressful time for everyone as we try to navigate the rules and regulations while finding that balance between safety and returning to normalcy. 

As such, we wanted to make it easy for our patients; we do not require masks. Though most of our staff is vaccinated, we still wear our masks, but we've always done that; it's part of our job. 

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Do I Still Have to Wear a Mask at the Dentist?

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