No Insurance? No Problem with the Bilski Dental Savings Plan! | Bilski Family Dentistry | Independence, OhioNo Insurance? No Problem with the Bilski Dental Savings Plan!

One of the biggest reasons that people avoid going to the dentist is not because they are scared of the chair, but because they are afraid of what the visits will do to their wallet. Dental insurance can be expensive, and many people don't prioritize their dental health over other things that they want or need. This is why we have recently updated our Bilski Dental Savings Plan.

The Bilski Dental Savings Plan

There are many insurance programs and savings plans out there, but we've come up with something that really helps our patients save! Instead of having one blanket savings plan, we offer a three-tiered savings plan.

The Kid's Plan

The kid's plan is $22 a month for children 13 years old and younger. This includes two cleanings a year and one fluoride, x-ray, and oral cancer screening per year.

The Adult Plan

The adult plan is $26 a month for anyone 14 years old and over. This plan also includes two cleanings a year and one fluoride, x-ray, and oral cancer screening per year.

The Periodontal Patient

A periodontal patient is someone who has gum problems, has had mouth surgery, missing teeth, loose teeth, etc. This plan is $39 a month because we need to see them at least three times a year to keep a better eye on their gums. However, they still get one fluoride, x-ray, and oral cancer screening per year.

Why Choose Bilski Dental Savings Plan?

Each plan we offer comes at a monthly cost with no registration fees. Anyone who is taking part in any of our three savings plans will get 15% off of general dental needs such as implants, root canals, etc. 

The best part about these Bilski Dental Savings Plans is that they are actually cheaper than dental insurance! You can sign up online or drop into our office to talk about the plans and any questions you may have. 

We also offer free dental insurance evaluations. Our staff can help you figure out what your insurance covers and what it doesn't and then compare that to our savings plan so that you can make the best choice for you and your family!

If you want to stop fearing the cost of going to the dentist, contact us at Bilski Family Dentistry! You can sign up for our savings plan today, or we can help you decide what insurance is best for you!

No Insurance? No Problem with the Bilski Dental Savings Plan! | Bilski Family Dentistry | Independence, Ohio

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How to Avoid Toothaches Have you ever been out of town and experienced a toothache? Its not uncommon for this to happen if you are not regularly visiting your dentist. There is also not too much you can do about it while you are out of town either. However, if it is an extreme circumstance, you may have to go to the emergency room, which will end up costing you lots of time and money. An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure Preventative care is the number one goal of combating a toothache. It is important to regularly attend your dental visits and get your cleanings, fluorides, x-rays, oral cancer screenings, and sealants, in order to prevent a toothache. By regularly going to the dentist, we can catch the signs of issues that lead to toothaches such as cavities or tooth sensitivities. If you are hesitant about going to the dentist because of your dental insurance coverage, or lack of it, we offer the Bilski Dental Savings plan, which is often a better choice than some insurance

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What Dentists Fight- Cavities and Gum Disease All dentists know that to the most common issues people have with their teeth and overall oral health is cavities and gum disease. Our goal as dentists is to keep your mouth as healthy as possible so that your total health will benefit from your oral health. However, we do see many patients who get cavities and or gum disease. Gum Disease Gum disease is a common but harmful disease that, if not properly taken care of, can lead to infection, tooth loss, and other issues. Gum disease can be identified by bleeding, swollen, red, and even receding gums. Cavities Cavities are a result of execs bacteria forming on your teeth. These bacteria eat away at your teeth, causing holes to develop, which can also lead to tooth loss, infection, and pain. How We Combat Gum Disease and Cavities A typical healthy patient should go to the dentist at least two times a year, every six months. However, if we notice signs of gum irritation or cavities, we

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Free Dental Insurance Evaluation in Independence, Ohio Dental insurance or the lack of it is one of the biggest reasons that people dont go to the dentist regularly. But total dental health is an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle. That is why at Bilski Family Dentistry, we offer any means we can to help our patients afford dental care. Free Evaluations Help You Make the Right Choice We provide free dental insurance evaluations to our patients who either have dental insurance or are thinking about getting it. Our knowledgeable staff will sit with you and lay out all of your options so you can see which coverage is best for you and your family. Many types of insurances will only cover so much or come at a cost that is too expensive for what you are getting. The Bilski Dental Savings Plan In addition to our evaluations, we also offer three Bilski Dental Savings plans that are often a much better value than most insurances. These plans are geared toward kids, adults, and

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